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Sensual Healing House

Sacred Healing House offers Sensual Healing Services which are 100% sensual and non-sexual. Sensual Healing House services are a healing experience performed by Divine Goddess Healers dressed in lingerie. You may book 1 up to 4 Massage Artists for a single healing session. Our Massage Artists energy work is a collective experience of  massage, ambience, aromatherapy, intimate personal-care, reiki, + sound therapy, which allows clients to feel at peace and release negative energy from your body. 

Sensual Massage Booking for Referral or Personal Invite Only.

Deep Tissue Massage + Healing Work with Massage are available for booking and require a ID verification and 50% Deposit to secure appointment. Booking can be done thru this website, @SacredHealingHouse IG, + Crystal Smith the Sacred Healing House Booking Manager. (310) 904-6634


Sensual Massage.

Multiple Masseuse Sensual Massage.

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Sensual Massage

Double Sensual Massage

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Sensual Massage

Multiple Masseuse Sensual Massage

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Sensual Massage.

Multiple Massuse Sensual Massage.

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