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Healing Services

Personal Healing Sessions by Intuitive Energy Healer Ashley Banks

Healing Consultation $100 (60 minutes): Healing Assessment using massage + various healing instruments + tools to location aura damage and imbalances in the chakras. (First session only)

Full Energy Healing Session $250 (60 Minutes): consists of Guided Meditation, Aura Cleanse, Sound Bath, Chakra Balancing, Reiki + Aromatherapy. 

Aura Scrub + Restoration $300 (90 Minutes): Aura sage stick smudge, Black Salt, Sage + Rosemary scrub treatment, Protection oil anointing, body tuning + reiki. 

Specialty Healing Sessions

Crown – Clarity + Sound mind Head + Scalp Massage $165 (60 Minutes): Facial steam with crystal infused + botanical hair oil treatment, head massage, body tuning on Crown Chakra, head + face with Reiki.

3rd Eye – Stay Woke Pineal Gland Decalcification Treatment $140 (60 Minutes) 24K Gold infused water to break decalcification for pineal gland, 3rd eye essential oil blend massage with crystal tools + Gua Sha tool, + Chakra balancing on 3rd Eye with sound bowl therapy.

Throat - Eucalyptus + Peppermint Sinus Massage + Body Tuning $200 (60 Minutes): Facial steam, sacred plant medicine in drop form to clear up excessive mucus + phlegm in the throat, neck, lymph nodes massage + ears + facial massage, crown + 3rd eye body tuning, and fresh eucalyptus leaf treatment.


Heart - Manifest Love + Abundance Facial $150 (60 Minutes): All organic + holistic Earthbound Ritual skincare treatment: steam, cleanse, gentle exfoliation, plant-based mask, tone + moisturize. Guided meditation with green jade or rose quartz mask + crystal body grid.

Heart - Inner Child Crystal Therapy $180 (60 minutes): Massage and crystal therapy, brass bowl therapy, body tuning, positive affirmations + reiki.

Solar Plexus - Emotional Trauma Detox $200 (60 minutes): Cleansing of Solar Plexus chakra with Smudging, Trauma recovery Oil massage, Solar plexus crystal balancing + restoration. Reiki, positive affirmations + body tuning.

Sacral - Divine Feminine/Masculinity Creative Power Boost $170 (60 Minutes): Guided Mantra Meditation to Power up high energy, confidence, turn your stage presence on, unblock fears, manifest desires, tap in to sexuality + sensuality, and stimulate creativity with detox cupping, Tibetan Brass Bowl, belly massage, body tuning + Crystal Body Griding. 

Root - Divine Grounding Treatment $300 (90 Minutes): Cleansing of Root chakra with Smudging + Sage body scrub, mud clay treatment + nature back mosaic, root crystal balancing + restoration. Root chakra frequency sound bath.


Luxury Treatments


Manifest Wealth, Abundance, Money Hot Oil Wax + Stone Massage $200 (60 Minutes): Full body hot oil wax massage body tuning, chakra balancing + reiki. Notes: This massage can be customized to manifesting other desires such as balance, confidence, security ETC.

Full Body Tuning Treatment $150 (60 minutes): Light massage, recalibrating and alignment of all 7 chakras using tuning fork therapy.

Royal Rose Quartz Foot Treatment $170 (60 Minutes): Rose Quartz + Rose petal + herbal foot soak, salt scrub, detox foot pads and charcoal foot mask + rose oil foot massage.


Full Body Snatch Treatment with Lipo-cavitation, Radio Frequency + Vacuum. $250 (60 Minutes): Dry Brushing, Wood Therapy + holistic massage technique with specially designed wooden elements to contour the body and promote lymphatic drainage, reduce wrinkles, and kill cellulite.  Lipo-cavitation, radio frequencies + vacuum treatment to contouring body. Face + neck microcurrent skin tightening.


Add-On Treatments


Face Sauna $25 (Add-on): Distilled water facial steam. 


Ear Candling Detox $60 (Add-On): Tea tree ear cleanse, wax removal drops, and ear candling with body tuning + crystal massage around ears, hair line and lymph nodes.

Fine China Detox $60 (Add-On): Chakra oil massage + Silicone Chinese cupping applied to draw toxins out of the body then areas massaged with sonic rose quartz massager and Crystal Body Griding.


Skin Scrape $90 (Add-on): Oil massage + gentle exfoliation + scraping of excess dead skin + dirt from them arms, legs, torso, chest + neck.


The Hand Job $125 (Add-On):  Floral + herbal hand soak, salt scrub, charcoal hand mask, paraffin wax hand dip, tea tree cuticle oil + rose oil reflexology massage.


Single Chakra Balancing $50 (Add-on): Massaging single chakra of choice with healing crystal meditation and sound bowl therapy + body tuning.


7 Chakra Crystal Therapy $150 (Add-on): Placing crystal mask on face and various healing crystals on the body and full 7 Chakra sound therapy added to any service


Singing Bowl Soundbath $75 (Add-on): Single Chakra sound therapy + Hertz Frequency Healing added to any service.


Red Light Therapy $120 (Add-On): Face, neck, and one other body part of choice. Penetrates your skin to boost collagen, clear, smooth, tighten your skin, reduce lines and wrinkles. Also treats depression, winter blues, acne, scaring, keloids, hyper-pigmentation + more. Option of red or 6 other color light therapy.


Spiritual Oil Anointing $60 (Add-on): 30 minutes. Full body oil and light massage with positive affirmation healing.


Extended Back Massage $65 (Add-on) 30 minutes.


Extended Legs/Feet Massage $75 (Add-on) 30 minutes


Hot Stone Treatment $65 (Add-On) 40 minutes. Hot stones added to any massage to relieve muscle aches and bring relaxation.


Thai Herbal Hot Bag Treatment “Luk Pra Kob” $40 (Add-on) 30 minutes. Heated Thai herbal compression treatment that detoxifies the body, brings relief to pain, swelling and stress and creates a euphoric feeling of bliss, ease & balance.


Sea Moss + Sea Weed Wrap Moisture Lock Treatment $100 (Add-On) 30 Minutes: Vegan Collagen Sea Moss mask applied to face + neck to stimulate healthy cells + sea moss wrapped to lock in moisture. Rose Quartz, Rose oil + rosehips CBD facial massage.


Face + Neck Snatch Treatment $120 (Add-on) 45 minutes. Microcurrent face and neck treatment that enhances facial definition, produces collagen and tightens lose skin.


Body Snatch Treatment $100 (Add-on) 60 Minutes. Lipo-cavitation, radio frequencies + vacuum treatment to contouring body added on to any service.

Colombian Maderoterapia $60 (Add-on) 30 Minutes. Wood Therapy + holistic massage technique with specially designed wooden elements to contour the body and promote lymphatic drainage, reduce wrinkles, and kill cellulite.


Sacred Plant Medicine


Sacred Plant Micro-dosing $25-$120 (Add-on): Shamanic all-natural, organic, wild-crafted, and GMO-free sacred plant medicine in drop form that boost overall wellness by enhancing your mind, body, + spirit. Made with traditional healing plants, this special micro-dosing option empowers self-healing and performance optimization. These potent plant essences can help you feel better, more balanced, connected, energetic, focused, creative, inspired, calm, relaxed, intuitive, and integrated.


Cacao Ceremony $25 (Add-on): 40 Minutes. 100% Columbian Ceremonial grade Cacao. It is all-natural, organic, wild-crafted, and GMO-free sacred plant medicine which opens up the heart chakra and promotes self-love, universal love, forgiveness, bliss and happiness. Performed in an intentional guided meditation ceremony to bring forgiving into the heart, and promote self-love + loving others.

Virtual Sessions


Virtual Healing Consultation $60 (60 minutes): Zoom consultation to listen and map out the best plan for your healing journey. (First session only) 


Virtual Spiritual Guidance Session $100 (60 minutes): Zoom life coaching session.


Virtual Manifesting Coach Session $100 (60 minutes): Zoom manifest coaching session.


Virtual Sound bath Session $140 (60 minutes): Zoom guided meditation + aura cleanse with sound bath.