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7 Sacred Plants Candle

7 Sacred Plants Candle


This candle has been Specially Formulated with 7 Sacred plants and essences and quartzite, for Cleansing and Purification of you, your body, mind & soul, And your home and surroundings, so you can DETOX mentally and spiritually & physically. Destroys any evil energy within you or around you- especially if someone is "working against you" with voodoo, withchraft or spellwork. Fear Not; You wll suffer no more. All misery will be banished, it is said.

Be protected against all powerful negative or evil forces working against you- from family, “friends”, or enemies. Can help destroy jinx, curses, spells or any negative voodoo or witchcraft. Have peace of mind and suffer no more!

This candle is dressed.

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