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New Year Home Cleansing Ritual

New Year Home Cleansing Ritual


Removing negative, stagnant + old energy.
Cleansing home by mopping floors with Florida water, rooms misted with peaceful home water and surfaces wipes down with Holy water. Smudging the entire home with sage, palo Santo + other sacred plants + herbs. 
Cleansing home by placing appropriate cleansing candles in each room, then blessing each one intentionally with home owner. Then spreading protection salt around the perimeter of the yard + areas in the home, + placing appropriate herbs + crystals to set and lock into protective energy into the home.

note: home must be cleaned prior to ritual. Price is based off 2-4 bedroom homes. Price will be adjusted for homes with 5+ Bedrooms. This ritual should be performed anytime during the month of January to set the tone for the entire year. Routine cleansing should be done every 3-4 month or spiritually felt as needed.

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