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Spider Queen Candle

Spider Queen Candle


Spider Queen (Araña Reyna) has two different uses depending on the folk tradition in which it is found. In New Orleans, it is said to be a nasty conjure done on an enemy who is doing something to get in your way or who is needlessly creating obstacles for you. Use of this candle creates a literal web of persistent complications around the target. With no relief in sight, the target tires of their efforts to work against you and is forced to stop. At the same time, they suffer karmically tremendously in their personal and professional lives. Use for justice and revenge, to send evil back to its origin and for impenetrable protection and defense. This is a severe domination candle.

In addition to domination purposes, Spider Queen is used in Latin American folk magic for attracting good luck and love. Burning a Spider Queen candle along with a petition for love is believed to bring success in the relationship (always fueled by your intent.) Your intent is set by your petition and by adding an appropriate oil to the candle.

This Candle is undressed.

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