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Luxury Zen Lifestyle for the Culture

Handmade Crystal Jewelry. Spiritual Goods. Energy Healing.

Place your Genuine Healing Crystal Jewelry custom order. Specify crystal, metal, and chain style type in the checkout note. All metal materials are Genuine 14K Gold-filled Copper or Sterling Silver. All piece are handmade and can take up to 7-10 business days to complete.

Organic + Sustainable California White Sage Bundles with dried roses, plants, herbs, spices, fruit + geniune healing crystals.

Edible Rose Quartz infused Rosewater. Can be consumed, added to a bath or used in spiritual work.

Trasfer energy and the healing properties of crystals on to ones aura using Gem Essences. Directly apply it on the body or add to products used during daily beauty ritual.

Ametrine Botanical infused Crown Nourishing Hair Oil. Blend of Organic Argan, Jamaican Castor, Black Seed, + Rosemary Oil. Nourishes and feeds the scalp to lenghten, strenghten, thicken + softens hair. Can be used on hair, scalp, edges, eyelashes, brows, + beards.

Bring positive energy & good vibes into any sacred space with these stunning + environmentally safe crystal inspired wax candles that function as a mini cactus + succulent planter or tea light holder after burning.

Genuine Ghanian waist beads used to impart divine feminine energy + healing power. They are commonly used to gauge waist size by placement of how the beads hang according to the inital placement when first tied on.

Los Angeles Clients: Book Energy Healing Sessions, Crystal Facials, A Rose Petal + Rose Quartz Foot Detox, Negative Energy Remover Body Scrub, Ametrine Scalp Treatment + more!

Virtual Energy Healing Sessions available too.